Youth Olympic Games 2010, Singapore 14-26 Aug 2010.

The Jumping Jewels rope skipping team got to performed 7 times at the Youth Olympic Games:

15 August at Suntec Convention Hall at 1600hr at the FENCING games.
15 August at Suntec Convention Hall at 1700hr at the WRESTLING games.
18 August at Suntec Convention Hall at 1400hr at the FENCING games.
20 August at Bishan Sports Hall at 1300hr at the GYMNASTICS TRAMPOLINE games.
21 August at Suntec Convention Hall at 1700hr in the BOXING games.
24 August at Bishan Sports Hall at 1400hr at the GYMNASTICS games.
25 August at Suntec at 1300hr in the BOXING games.

We are indeed privileged to have this opportunity to showcase rope skipping at an Olympics Games. Rising to the occasion 11 Jewels practiced regularly to be ready for this momentus time for Singapore rope skipping. We even got to interact with foreign athletes/officials and exchanged association badges.

This is the first time rope skipping has been presented at a world stage and the Jumping Jewels are proud to be part of this history making.

Rachel Baby
Jumping Jewels

Snapshot of rehearsal for Gymnastics games performance, 14 Aug 2010

 Across the road from Bishan MRT. The sports hall is accross the field behind.

Taking off shoes and warming up. We had to skip barefoot on the gymnastics competition floor.

Shown our very own Jumping Jewels holding area. Practice coming in from holding room just outside the hall.

Waiting barefoot at edge of competition floor for music to begin.

It was like jumping on the trampoline so we had to adapt quickly.

All the ropes are frozen by the camera.

Bishan Sports Hall is the venue for the YOG Gymnastics games.

It is 2.30pm and we are taking the MRT back to Rope Skipping Singapore to prepare for the Singtel show this evening.

Snapshot Fencing and Wrestling games performances, 15 Aug 2010

Running thru the routine at rear of stands before the 4pm Fencing games performance. With the gang of B-boy, Wushu and Caproeira performers.

With Zaini, the choreographer of this combined arts performance.

Just before entering the Fencing games playing field from both sides.

Our starting poses on this side of the large fencing playing field.

For the end pose the Jewels are on the fencing platform.

After the fencing games performance Zaini asked if we could perform at the Wrestling games at 5pm which we where not slotted to do. Here he is explaining how to adapt our show to the wrestling mat and without the Wushu boys.

Trying out the floor for a few seconds and then it was back to our holding area to wait.

Zaini's brief before going into perform.

Here we go into our starting poses.

The colors on the floor match our outfits perfectly.

Here is the whole team that was at Suntec Convention Hall directly after the Wrestling Games performance and at the foyer of SCH.

Walked thru City Link Mall to City Hall MRT and took MRT and bus back to the studio. This was a very long day with 3 performances including the National Day Lunch command performance but it was a fun day.

Snapshot Fencing games performance, 18 Aug 2010

Walking to holding room in Suntec Convention Hall 402

Warming up behind the stands. See the color weaved into our braids.

Moving in and standing and ready at the side of fencing playing field.

And here we go on the Youth Olympic Games fencing playing field.

Aidah and Ariel posing while the boys show off and our end pose with the Jewels on the platform.

Thank you and good bye.

Jumping Jewels at the foyer of Suntec Convention Hall and outside at entrance of MRT.

Snapshot Gymnastics games performance, 20 Aug 2010

Scanning our YOG passes at security then into Bishan Sports Hall where the Gymnastic Games are held.

In our holding room checking our equipment and make-up, and going to rehearse at about 12 noon.

Rehearsing and adapting to the platform for first time.

Working up the energy for the actual jump at 1pm.

Starting with a chinese wheel routine followed by a syncronize group routine. People where clapping and singing with us especially during the syncronize routine.

Ended the show with fusion double dutch Jumping Jewels style. We had fun.

Happy outside the hall after the jump.

Lunch at the canteen for YOG staff and athletes before leaving Bishan Sports Hall.

Braved the drizzle to go back to Rope Skipping Singapore to prepare for tomorrow's Boxing Games performance.

Snapshot of Boxing games performance, 21 Aug 2010

10am on performance day to try out the ring for first time.

Our end pose is a fight tableau.

In holding room and standing by behind playing field at about 5pm. Our hair was all braided down this time.

Here we go skipping in a boxing ring to a remix of the rock classic Eye Of The Tiger.

Fight tableau ending pose with our gloves on.

Going home after a long day.

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