Okto TV greet videos, 11 Dec 2009

The shoot was at 2 pm so we met at Rope Skipping Singapore in the morning to prepare. Got into our X'mas team dress and got our hair and makeup done. Our coach decided that we paint our nails orange for the shoot so we did that the whole time even in the taxi. After a quick lunch we took a Maxi-cab to Mediacorp for the shoot.

Arriving on time and were lead to Okto's office for the shoot. Gail and Buvan was there already shoot their individual greets. It was good to see them again.After an hour it was a wrap. Wonder what the final X'mas greet will look like. Have a Jumping Jewels Christmas 2009.

Greet videos on TV telecast from 20 Dec.


Snapshot of shoot.

Doing our hair. Next time will bring more hair blowers.

Arriving at Mediacorp in a Maxi-cab.

The producer gave us the script and briefed us on the format of the shoot when we arrived.

Gail and Buvan did some greets together. They also did individual greets.

After individual greets we did our team greets. Our orange nails were also featured making Okto's sign, - a first on Okto.

The camera was real close. We are getting use to it. Don't we look cool and nervous-less.

Leaving Okto's office.

With Medicorp's christmas tree at the reception.

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