Viva Tampines West 2010, 10 Apr 2010

The Jumping Jewels were part of the Mediacorp (TV) troupe of performers as seen from the banner (below) displayed all over Tampines West. We were the opening act for the stage events. We decided to wear something light this time and our apparel sponsor had just the right T-shirt in their new season range. It was a white combed cotton T-shirt with a catchy red 60's love symbol which went well with the 60's music we performed to.

Three of the Jumping Jewels performing lived just one bus stop away so we had a unique audience of neighbours. This was also the debut performance of a new Jewel who was been skipping with us for many years.

TV news and banner

These banners where all over half of Tampines

One week later this banner at the performance venue was still up so we offered to take it down so we can keep it as a souvenir.

Snapshot of Viva Tampines West performance

Photos by Larry Haydin

Taking a bus ride to Tampines West from Rope Skipping Singapore in Tampines East. Reached the venue at 5.30pm and tried out the stage.

Infront of the stage in our FOX brand outfit. You can see the huge image of the Jumping Jewels on the top right of the backdrop.

Waiting at the back of stage to perform. Dean Wong entertaining us with his magic.

Many of the audience knew the Jumping Jewels.

Starting the first of two sets.

The Jewels where the opening act because the organizers wanted to open with a bang.

Audience participantion after the jumping.

A single rope performance after audience participation.

It was dark by the time we performed our second set.

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