Videos of the Jumping Jewels 

X'mas 2009 videos
The Jumping Jewels got the opportunity to be in two X'mas videos for Okto's TV channel. Here is the 'Music video' and here is the 'Greeting video'.

Okto Live!
The Jumping Jewels was the opening act for this interactive live show. This was the first time rope skipping was taught on TV. Rachel also recieved the Singapore Book Of Records awards for the two records she broke recently. 2 Videos here.

Singapore Book Of Records.
Rachel jumping 94 consecutive triple unders at the Active Aging road show at Republic Polytechnic on 25 Oct 2009. About 15 minutes before this she also skipped the fastest 30 seconds speed skipping with 162 jumps. She smashes both these records held by her since 2007 in the Singapore Book Of Records who sanctioned the events. Video here.

President's Star Charity live show Jumping Jewels act on 11 Oct 2009.
Trailer for President's Star Charity live show.
Jumping Jewels is opening ceremony act for President Star Charity live show media conference.
3 Video here.

Performance at Medicorp Festival at Ritz Carlton hotel.
Video here.

Performance at Octo's Happy Tot's road show at Plaza S'pore.

Video soon!

Jumping Jewels champions at the 2009 Okto TV's "One Minute of Fame".
Live contest show was on 1 August and telecast on 9 August,  National Day. You can hear spectators screaming to this high energy fusion double dutch performance.
2 Video here.

Jumping Jewels champions at the SkipaDance 2009 by SPH
Video here soon.

Jumping Jewels is opening ceremony act for SPH "Health & You"

Singapore Press Holding wanted the best rope skipping show for their opening ceremony GOH minister Balaji. After a witch hunt they hired the Jumping Jewels rope skipping team. The performance was featured in the Strait Times the next day, 7th June 2008.

Guinness Book Of Records 2007

Rachel of the Jumping Jewels made an attempt at the Guinness Book Of Records in March 2007 by trying to jump 153 or more jump in 30s at Health Promotion Board. This is in conjunction with HPD's Criss Cross Break The Record Challenge where two Jumping Jewels won the primary and secondary challenge. They hold the records till 2009 and Rachel is recorded by Singapore Book Of Records as the fastest criss crosser.
Jumping Jewels win 3rd place at the 2006 Kids Central TV "One Minute Of Fame"

The Jumping Jewels entralled the kids in Singapore with their mesmerising rope skipping. That was in Sept 2006 and the TV telecast was on 24th Oct 2006. Till today in 2008 they are still recognized on the streets as the Jumping Jewels of One Minute Of Fame.

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