Seletar Country Club,   7 December 2010.

Seletar Country Club invited the Jumping Jewels to teach rope skipping to about 50 participants in what they called experimental learning. The country club provided lunch after the lesson and we could also use the pool.

This was an enjoyable day out for the Jewels.

Rachel Baby
Jumping Jewels

Snapshot of teaching rope skipping at Seletar Country Club

At the club foyer waiting to meet the club's executive to start the lesson at 10am.

Outside club house near carpark spot for the lesson.

Started with a small double dutch demonstration of double Jumping Jewels style.

Then coach taught how to jump double dutch.

All 50 or so participants got to try double dutch.

Cat and mouse never fails to get everyone laughing.

Bunch of bananas traveller and a bunch of other things we taught.

Country club food is delicious.

45 minutes in the club pool is an excellent way to relax after teaching rope skipping.

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