River Hongbao celebrations, 13 -20 Feb 2010

River Hongbao celebrations at the Marina Bay Floating Platform included stage performances from the regional as well as performers from China and Taiwan. Our friends from Taiwan were one of these performers but this being the first day of Chinese New Year not all the Jumping Jewels could go and see them. These Taiwanese teenagers are a unique rope skipping team that are equally at home with diabolo and top spinning.

The multi-talented team performs as part of their secondary school CCA (co-curricular activity) and their school principal leads the team when they perform overseas. Their rope skipping show was entralling to watch as usual. This is the highest level rope skipping show to have come to Singapore.

Hope to see them again soon.

Snapshot of River Hongbao show

The show started with these colorful muses with musical instruments.

This was the most beautiful team. They represents 'hua dan' the female lead in Chinese operas, in this case cheeky 'hua dan'. They kept playing with the long pheasant feather on their headress.

Two dolls with long flowing sleeves dancing to music.

Finally came out our friends. Here the girls are throwing and catching diabolos to each other. The wind was very strong so the big diabolos on the right photo was really hard to catch.

Here the boy is spinning 3 diabolos with one string, wow!

The boy and girl threw a top each around the 4 boys onto the small table top with a wall of blocks infront on it. You can see the top flying around the 4th boy's butt. It then curving up on to the table spinning, WOW!

Their rope skipping started with a series of pairs skipping. Here the girls performing Chinese wheels in their nice chinese ornament shorts.

Leaping over a double dutch turner and executing multiple frogs.

Four boys Chinese wheel switching here is really difficult.

This is one of their most athletics feats, a wave of switching turners with a jumper in the ropes. There was instant applause.

A dramatic end pose to a dramatic showcase of hardwork and talent.

The school principal came out to take the bow with his team at end of the performance.

We took photos with the team to remember this reunion with our friends from Taiwan on Chinese New Year 2010.

Took photos with many on the lanterns before leaving. This one with the God of Fortune was the tallest and the first photo we took.

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