One Minute Of Fame 2009 1st Aug 2009

One Minute Of Fame contest by Octo TV channel was a good opportunity for the Jumping Jewels to perform infront of TV cameras so the team went for the auditions. Ariel and Amy also auditioned in the individual catergories. About one and half weeks later Candice Miller called saying the Jumping Jewels where through to the quarterfinals but not the individuals. We never knew if the team would make it to each next round because this was a popularity contest and the quarterfinal even had a 30% online voting component. Some of the other teams had massive amount of supports at the quarter-finals and semi-finals at Millenia Walk.

For the audition the team wore their Jumping Jewels red jumper and a flare jeans for a street look. In hindsight we look really ordinary then. For the quarter-finals it was orange hoodies with lime green skirts for an Okto look. For the semi-finals Okto told all the contestants not to change the costumes or choreography. After the semis we found these great yellow short pants. Then while the team was in Hong Kong for the Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2009 I found the pink parka, white T-shirts and two tone shoes. This was also when we reworked the choreography with other Jewels who did not go to Hong Kong. When the team returned it was three long days of practice and a long day at Medicorps for the finals.

Until they announced the winner  we never thought we could actually win because this was neither a sport nor a skipping competition. It was a real reality competition for us.

Jumping Jewels coach.

Snapshot of One Minute Of Fame.

The Jumping Jewels winning the One Minute of Fame contest on Okto TV on 9th August 2009. You can hear spectators screaming to this high energy fusion double dutch performance.

This photomerge tells the whole story of that faithful day at the finals.

Mediacorp's poster of One Minute of Fame finalists. This is what the team wore for the semi-finals.

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