Inter-Pri Sch Rope Skipping National Championships 2010, 26 Apr 2010

The Jumping Jewels where invited by Serene Ng of CCAB, Ministry of Education, to perform at the finals of the primary school nationals at Jurong East Sports Hall. Over the weekend we rehearsed and decided what to wear. Our brilliant yellow hoodie with pants made us stand out and blend in at the same time which was neat because it is really difficult to look good with so much space around. Our black rope skipping gloves was great for spectator experience as the fastest moving part of a rope skipping performance are the hands.

This was also the first time any of the Jewels are skipping at the Nationals since primary school days. Ariel, Hanisa and myself were primary school freestyle champions 7 times altogether, so this was a pleasant deja vu. Not only did we perform on the competition spot infront of the judging panel but the judges where still in their seats.

For our performance we started with double dutch fusion followed by a double dutch speed jump and finished with a pair freestyle routine. Most primary school rope skippers have heard of the Jumping Jewels but have not seen us performing live so this was a great opportunity to show the kids what rope skipping after primary school was like, - hard work but spectacular when done well.

Indeed adult sport and show rope skipping is not usually seen in Singapore. So we hope our performance has inspired people to enjoy and support rope skipping.

Rachel Baby
Jumping Jewels

Snapshot of Nationals outing

Waiting at gallery till it is time to warm up and standby.

Waiting for our performance to be announced. Our signature starting pose.

This little fan spotted us when we came in. More photos with fans.

Autographs for primary school fans.

Parting shot at Chinese Garden MRT while waiting for the train.

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