National Day Appreciation Lunch,   15 Aug 2010.

YOG practice started at 10am at the studio and we where invited to a National Day Appreciation Lunch for performing at the National Day Dinner on 7 August. After practice walk over next door to the comunity centre at 12.30pm when lunch was scheduled. When we reached the front entrance the guest of honor arrived in his car. So we stood at the side and applauded when he came out of his car. He was Mr Mah Bow Tan, the Minister for National Development, who walked over to us and after a few words asked us if we could perform at the lunch.

It was going to be close to our scheduled Youth Olympic Games performance at 4pm today. When we walked into the lunch hall, cocktails where served and there was a sushi bar. Food was great but 5 of us had to go back to the studio next door to get dress and make-up for our command performance scheduled at 1.30pm after the award ceremony. Coach received a plaque for the Jumping Jewels performance at the National Day Dinner.

Mr Mah and the others watching where so close making our performance more exciting to watch. After the the applause we bid Mr Mah goodbye and rushed back to the studio to packed and took a taxi to the YOG venue at Suntec Convention Hall.

It was an interesting outing for the Jewels.

Rachel Baby
Jumping Jewels

Snapshot of National Day Appreciation Lunch

At the entrance to Tampines East Community Center. Mr Mah Bow Tan just arrive and walked over to talk to us.

Inside the entrance.

Coming into the the lunch hall cocktails being served to us and a sushi bar in the center of the hall.

The emcee introducing us saying we are going to win One Moment Of Glory contest.

Photo with the man, Mr Mah Bow Tan

Coach receiving a plaque for our performance at the National Day dinner.

Outside the hall warming up and at the side of the stage waiting to perform.

They announced the Jumping Jewels and we got into our starting pose.

Everyone was standing close to our performance so they could feel the energy and excitement of our routine.

End pose and saying good bye to Mr Mah.

In the Maxi cab which could take the 7 of us including coach in the front. Arrived at Suntec Convention Hall in time for our YOG performance at the Fencing games.

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