Skip'a'Dance 2011, 19-20 March 2011

This Skip'a'Dance competition was part of the Double Dutch Delight showcase at West Coast Plaza. The organizer flew in the professional Japanese Double Dutch team Capliore to provide DD shows daily between 13th to 20th March. It was a super opportunity for Singaporeans to learn DD from this 2 times DD world champions. Rope Skipping Singapore participated with 3 teams; Jumping Jewels in the Open category, Flying Kangaroos and DD Dancing Queens in the 18U category. The competition became one category due to no show midway by 3 teams.

We practiced for four weekends for the preliminary round on 19th March. Here our 3 teams scored 42, 31 and 31 out of a possible maximum of 50, all higher than the other 3 teams. The next day at the second round these other 3 teams did not show up. 3rd place went to Flying Kangaroos, 2nd went to Double Dutch Dancing Queens and Jumping Jewels are champions again. The last Skip'a'Dance story is here.

It was really nice to see Capliore in action with their brand of Double Dutch. We plan to see them again in Japan for the next DDCJ.

Rachel Baby, Ariel, Amy
Jumping Jewels

Skip'a'Dance 2011 snapshot . . . Saturday

Competition sequence was X-Jump 3, Flying Kangaroos, X-Jump 1, Jumping Jewels...

Last two teams where X-jump 2 and Double Dutch Dancing Queens.

Capliore judging with flash cards infront of the stage. Jumping Jewels scored 42 out of a possible 50. DDDQueens and Flying Kangaroos scored 31 each. The X-Jump teams scored below this.

Skip'a'Dance 2011 snapshot . . . Sunday

Double Dutch Dancing Queens, Jumping Jewels and Flying Kangaroos standing at stage backdrop before competition started.

Waiting for the 3 X-Jump teams to arrive but they eventually did not show up for this second round on Sunday. Our video camera boy.

Most of our parents came to watch us. We warmed up here in the open space. With the manager of Capliore.

The first team to perform was Double Dutch Dancing Queens.

Flying Kangaroos in their end pose and listening to judges comments on their performance.

Then it was our turn. Capliore's Nobu and Masa giving comments.

Capliore with their cool performance soon after.

Taking photos with Capliore afterwards.

Small talk behind the stage.

Prize presentation at about 7.15pm. 3rd place are Flying Kangaroos, 2nd place are Double Dutch Dancing Queens and Champions are Jumping Jewels.

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