Double Dutch Contest Hong Kong v.1, 16 October 2010

The Double Dutch Contest Hong Kong was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on 16 October 2010.

The Firecrackers became perfromance champions of DDCHK 17U with their redition of Bond's Victory and Jackie Wilson's Reet Petit. They were the smallest team of 3 skippers and the youngest team with two 11 years and one 14 year old.

This is the second outing for the Firecrackers. The first was at the Asian Champions last year in Hong Kong when a 10 skipper Firecrackers won third place at the Asian Cup event. This time the team of 3 skipper is anchored by Ariel of the Jumping Jewels. Rebecca and Mazel are first timers to a fusion competition. We decided on a namesake fire inspired outfit for fusion which in hindsight worked well for us.

The competition ended by dinner time so we went slumming at the famous "women's street". The next day Richard brought Rebecca and Mazel to Sea World and the rest of us went to soak in more Hong Kong culture aka shopping.

Our flight to Hong Kong the day before competition was delayed till 8.15pm so we arrived late past midnite and it was 2 pm by the time we got to bed in our really tiny rooms. Luckily our hotel was 10 minutes walk from the competition auditorium so we woke up at 9am the next day and made it for rehearsals at 10am.

Took evening flight back on Sunday the day after DDCHK so that the skippers could attend school on Monday.

Evon Yak
Team Manager

DDCHK official results

Snapshot of DDCHK

FRIDAY. Firecrackers at Singapore Changi Airport check-in. After check-in went to the cafeteria where dinner was provided by the airline because of the delay from 3.45pm to 8.15pm departure

SATURDAY. Walking to the University venue for the competition. We asked someone outside our hotel for directions and he happened to be a student at the university. He was very kind to help us all the way to the auditorium in the university.

First friends we met at the foyer of the auditorium were Ben and Simon of DDF from Belgium.

Changing to the orange bubble vests for rehearsal and standing by to jump at stage.

Walking back after first rehearsals and having lunch in a coffee shop outside the hotel.

Instead of staying for the second rehearsal we came back to our hotel to do our hair and make-up. You can see how tiny the room is. On both sides of the single beds are the walls of the room. Then walked back to the university. The weather was great.

This is the view from the balcony seats where we sat. The judges are on the left.

The skippers concentrating before the speed round at the balcony seats and then the speed round.

For the fusion round we started with an original play of arms and heads. We are the only team to use a prop, a single rope. A clear ending with a pose

There were 4 acts that provided entertainment. The first was an opening skipping performance.

The 17U fusion 3rd place winner Super Junior and the 2nd place winners SFXD.

The 17U fusion champions Firecrackers.

The 18 & above 3rd place winners Konan Gingin Boys, and the 2nd place winners DDF, and the champions Juni with trophy.

Seated behind Maggie of DCOC team during briefing after prize presentation and photo with her.

In the program booklet the last item is photo taking which was a good idea.

Firecrackers with DDF from Belgium and SFXD from Hong Kong.

With the 3 Japanese teams in the competition Zero, Juni and Konan Gingin Boys. The Zero girl also has her hair braided.

With the only other team with 3 skippers Super Junior from Malaysia.

With one of the judges Wittman.

With 2 other Singapore teams X-Jump and X-Jump on their first outing.

Firecrackers with young fusion fans who wanted to take a photo.

With Hong Kong teams Max Theta and DCOC.

Our coach with the only foreign judge Janet of Japan.

Shopping at "woman's street" in Mong Kok area still in competition attire.

SUNDAY. Bought several pairs of shoes for a few dollars each at the corner shoe store at the end of "woman's street". The two pairs on the floor are HK$10 each pair!

Outside our hotel, at the coffee shop where we had our nice meals and on a typical looking Hong Kong street.

Look how skinny our hotel is behind us.

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