Criss-Cross Break the Record Challenge  by Health Promotion Board , 6th April 2009

Rachel and Ariel are Criss-Cross record holders for the primary and secondary catergory of this challenge so the Jumping Jewels returned to defend the titles. Rachel is also the National record holder. The event was held at the open area infront of the HPB's HealthZone, the same place it was first held in 2007. The Criss-Cross Challenge poster printed by HPB used a photo Rachel when she made the record in 2007.

When the dust settled on the challenge Ariel was the primary school and the National record holder while Aidah was the secondary school record holder. The only skipper in our league jumped 111 criss-crosses in the prelimenary round but he was quarantined with chicken pox during the finals his team mate told us.

Rachel did not retain the title but we are delighted that the team got all three titles we came to get. The Jumping Jewels are the reigning criss-cross speed queens having the top 5 fastest skippers in the challenge.

Snapshot of the Criss-Cross challenge.

A tense moment before Ariel jumps and then she is off to make rope skipping history by breaking the criss-cross national record at 12 years old.
All competitors had to use the same type of blue plastic skipping rope provided by the organizer which we tied knots with to get the correct length.

Rachel the current record holder about to start with a crowd look on with great acticipation.

Aidah beat out her team mates by just 2 criss-crosses.

We all counted for each other hoping someone from the team would break the records.

Jubilant Jumping Jewels at the result board. Ariel jumped 120 criss-crosses and Aidah jumped 113 criss-crosses breaking the primary, secondary school and national records.

Ariel the national record hold was asked to perform at the award ceremony.

Aidah recieving her award for Criss-cross record breaker secondary school division.

Ariel revieving the Singapore Book Of Records award for winning the Singapore record.

Rope Skipping Singapore also gets an award for supporting the skippers for the challenge.

Media coverage of the event

Health Promotion Board's online news

Channel News Asia 10pm News on 6 April 2009. Ariel can be seen in the news skipping part of her record 120 criss-crosses.

Ariel on Lianhe Zao Bao newspaper article on 7th and 8th Apr 2009

Ariel on The New Paper article on 8 Apr 2009.

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