Active Aging road showcum S'pore Book Of Records event, 25 Oct 2009

Decided to go to this Active Aging road show because the 30s record to break was made by Rachel in 2007. So all the Jumping Jewels and friends had to report at Republic Polytechnic at 7.30am. We arrived in 4 groups exactly on time. It was a cool morning and when the sun came out the buildings kept us in the shade.

Tons of people mostly came for the briskwalk and mass workout. The skipping challenges where done on the VIP red carpet and cobble granite. When they wanted to do the 30s speed record event on this surfaces we suggested the quite smooth granite tile area on the side. The organizers understood the rational and agreed.

At the end of the event the organizers had to verify the results of the team challenge, and Singapore Book Of Records will video verify the 30s and triples record event. Rachel defends both her Singapore record titles of the most jumps for 30s and triples.

The triples was not a scheduled event but a national serviceman made a request with the organizer and Singapore Book of Records official to have the event. This male skipper jumped 80+ consecutive triples. Rachel jumped 94 triples, the most of the 5 Jumping Jewels who attempted the Triple event. We were not prepare for a Triples event and the hard solid floor made it tough so it was cool that we were triumphant.

It was a satisfying outing with our family of skippers and their families, made sweeter by baging the two rope skipping records.


Champion youth team ~ Jumping Jewels

1st place youth individual ~ Rachel
2nd place youth individual ~ Pei Shi
3rd place youth individual ~ Aidah

3rd place adult individual ~ Roger

Speed 30s national record ~ Rachel
Triples national record ~ Rachel

Snapshot of Active Aging road show.

Roger looking after the bags while we registered for the event.

Filling in registration forms at the registration table.

Following the mass workout while waiting for the skipping challenges to start. The emcee said there were 3000+ participants for the masss workout.

After we put on our number tags.

Evon the first to jump.


Jolyn who jump the second fastest 30 second Speed


3 Jewels in a row jumping the 150 jumps in 2 minutes challenge.

Mazel attempting the 30s speed event.

Rachel breaking her the 30s Speed record she made in 2007.




Onlookers at the 30 second speed event. The Book of Record official observing behind the organizer's video camera.

We also had our video camera.

There was alot of passerby interest for the speed event as speeding with cable rope is not a usual sight.

Pei Shi attempting the 30 second Speed with some of her ex-school mates looking on.

Rachel making her first triples attempt. An active aging woman walk behind her and right into her rope at about 40+ triples. So she gets another jump.

Ariel was the 2nd Jewel to attempt the triple record. She jumped 70+ triple, her personal best. The young man that made the Triples record request seated on left.

After Ariel's jump, Rachel made her second triples jump into the record book, jumping 94 consecutive triple jumps.

Aidah triples jump.

Pei Shi triples jump.

Hanisa triples jump.

Jumping Jewels and friends.

With Mazel's mom and Jolene's dad who drove 5 of the skippers here.

The Jumping Jewels with Mr Khaw Boon Wan. The Health Minister was the guest of honor for the road show. You can see they are drenched in sweat, Mr Khaw from the mass workout/briskwalk and the Jumping Jewels from two hours of skipping.

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