South East CDC Skipping Challenge, 28 Oct to 20 Dec 2009

The Jumping Jewels managed to be at 5 skipping challenge venues to support this charity drive. Twice we were delayed elsewhere and could not make it. Hope to encourage the rope skipping community to come together at these times to help less fortunate people. At the Marine Parade skipping challenge venue we found out that the ropes used where toy skipping ropes with a plastic counter in one handle. A dubious counting method but it was for charity so using a $2 toy rope cuts down cost hiring certified or experience counters.

We gave 2 impromptu performances to help the event by providing some relevant entertainment. At the first SingPost Skipping Challenge we performed a fusion double dutch routine outside the front door of SingPost as it had just rained and the floor outside was wet. Odd place to perform but it was great for attracting attention to the skipping challenge. At the second SingPost challenge the organizer announced us as the best rope skipping team on the island. We did an 8 person synchronize routine together with Xin Ru and Mimi.

We went to the finale/overnight 12 hour marathon skipping challenge starting at 10pm on 19 Dec which will end with the closing ceremony for the challenge at 10am on 20 Dec morning. This event was at Simei CC which is three bus stops from Rope Skipping Singapore. Reached at about 10.15pm and started skipping at 11pm. Manual counting this time but by layman counters because the rope handle counters are not accurate the organzers said. Evon skipped 10,005 in 50 minutes according to her manual counter.

Just before 11pm it was announced that there would be a one hour speed competition tomorrow morning from 8.15am that would be a Singapore Book Of Records (SBOR) entry. Left about 1am in the morning and came back that morning just before 8am for the one hour speed contest. The fastest was Aloysius. All the four Jumping Jewels were just behind him. Yes, it is the same Aloysius whose father called the Jumping Jewels dogs at the Turf club last month.

The counters on the rope count up to 999 and then resets to 0 so each skippers had someone standing infront of him holding a second rope to switch every 5 minutes. Ariel's toy rope broke twice in a row and so Rachel next to her grabbed her second toy rope from the floor and gave it to her. Amy's rope broke 3 times and Rachel's rope broke twice. Singapore is the only country that toy ropes are used for national rope skipping records.

Ariel was totally exhausted from the contest as we where unprepared for this gruelling record attempt because we found out only 9 hours before. Only 4 members of the public came for this SBOR contest, school teacher Lee Lay Eng and 3 of her ex-primary school rope skippers one of which is Aloysius. We spoke to the organizer, Kenneth, a week before offering to perform at the closing ceremony and Ong of SBOR two weeks ago. They did not mention this SBOR contest. You would think we would hear about this SBOR contest especially when we had already skipped at 4 skipping challenge venues (the last one week ago) and Rope Skipping Singapore is 3 bus stops from Simei CC.

Snapshot of skipping challenge at Marine Parade Promenade on 7th Nov.

The family Jewels setting out to Marine Parade for our first in a series of skipping challenges for charity. The other Jewels mistakenly went to Marina Square instead.

Evon just came back from the International Double Dutch Championship in Paris this morning and still wearing her red IDDC T-shirt. She is enquiring about the format of the skipping challenge. The boss man of the agency running the skipping challenge looking on.

Skipped outside a coffee shop next to Marine Parade.

Wishes to the poor that the rice is going to. Skip just 20 times and a bowl of rice will be donated to poor people by the sponsor. The kiddy ropes used by the charity drive had counters on one of the plastic handle which was used to keep score of the number of skips. A novice way of counting even for a charity drive.

The sponsor also gave away one sample bottle of cooking oil to the skipper. Brilliant.

Snapshot of skipping challenge at SingPost on 18 Nov.

Skipping Challenge infront of the Post Office entrance which is sheltered from the rain that day.

Recording the number of skips counted by the rope handle counter.

Placing ropes on the floor  to perform and our fusion double dutch performance providing entertainment after we skipped for charity.

Snapshot of skipping challenge at SingPost on 25 Nov.

Skipping in shaded area behind everybody on this sunny day. Paya Lebar train station in the background.

Entertaining with our 8 skipper synchronized routine which covered the whole skipping challenge area. They organizer announced us as the best rope skipping team on the island.

Can you see we are singing the song. An interesting performance style we use sometimes.

Another day out for the Jumping Jewels and friends.

Snapshot of skipping challenge at East Coast Park on 12 Dec.

There was nobody skipping except us. There was also no signage for the skipping challenge displayed. Skipped in the shaded area near the beach.

Recording our score but there was no cooking oil left for our skipping this time

Some of the Jewels have never come to this East Coast beach before so spent about 40 minutes here to soak in nature.

Snapshot of skipping challenge at Simei CC on 19th Dec.

Just arrived at Simei Community Center excited to be part of this overnight marathon skipping challenge.

Registering and we found out it would be manual counting because the handles where not accurate they said.

Warming up as we where sitting in this airconditioned hall for awhle. Roger the first to start.

We started at about 11pm. The SBOR contest was announced while we where skipping. If we had known before we started, perhaps we would not have skipped at all this night and save our energy for the morning contest. We skipped about 24,000 skips this night.

Evon with her counter who counted her 50 minutes skip at 10, 005. The second highest in a single jump for the whole skipping challenge?

The night shift going home at 1am to get a few hour sleep for the SBOR skipping record contest in 7 hours time.

Snapshot of skipping challenge SBOR contest at Simei CC on 20th Dec.

Roger was first to skip for rice on the morning of 20 Dec 2009.

The organizers briefing the rope switchers. It was back to rope handle counters that they said where not accurate last night. Originally, they planned to switch every 10 minutes then someone asked our coach how long it would take to reach 1000 skips. The switch then became every 5 minutes. A time-keeper would blow a whistle and skipping ropes would be exchanged between contestant and switcher.

3 Jumping Jewels along the windows. Pei Shi came 5 minutes after the contest started just before 10.30am.

Lee Lay Eng in red adidas and her 3 ex-students and curiously in light blue are the people from the company hired to run the event. The two parties came at the same time just before the SBOR contest was scheduled to begin.

Several people wanted photos of us right after the SBOR contest. Ariel gave it her all and needed to be propped up.

The 2 million target was reach as projected here on the stage. In this 12 hour marathon alone the Jumping Jewels contributed about 63,000 skips of the official total count of 367,003 skips over the 12 hours.

Everybody at the closing ceremony with the Mayor. After this our coach had to carry Ariel to the bus stop and again when we got off the bus at Rope Skipping Singapore.

Skipping Challenge in the news on 20th Dec.

The news reader said at the end, 'you can be sure of no double counting as the skipping ropes came with monitors'.

Skipping Challenge poster

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